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With over 35 years of experience in supplying, installing and servicing stairlifts TPG have grown to be one of the largest Stairlift providers in the UK. Our expertise means we are one of the most respected suppliers in the industry. Our knowledge and experience have led us to only work with the most respected and professional, market leading suppliers in the industry and have built a portfolio of products that will suit most, if not all needs. Whether you want to regain your independence or simply feel confident again using your stairs, TPG is the perfect choice. Installation is quick and easy and the stairlifts attach to the stairs not the wall so there’s no mess and our engineers will ensure you are confident using your new lift before they leave.

Straight, Curved or Complex we can solve them all, working with one of the largest portfolios of products in the UK means we can pick the stairlift best for your needs

Handicare 1100

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Stairlift Manufacturers

TPG DisableAids work proudly with leading manufacturers ensuring you receive a fantastic and reliable product.
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Stannah Stairlifts

As a authorised dealer and approved Centre of Excellence, you can trust that the level of service and support you receive from us is 2nd to none. Stannah is a long-standing British, family-owned company with the fifth generation steering at the helm. We are pleased to say Stannah family members still play hands-on roles in running the business, ensuring like TPG the family ethos is maintained.

Straight, Curved or Complex we can solve them all, working with one of the largest portfolios of products in the UK means we can pick the stairlift best for your needs.

Handicare stairlifts 

As a Handicare Elite partner and the current Elite Provider of the Year TPG have a great relationship with Handicare who have been providing lifting solutions since 1886. Handicare manufactured their first stairlift in Europe in 1961, a little over 55 years later Handicare is now a major worldwide brand. All products have been designed around the same philosophy, that being that standard solution deliver standard results, wherever possible we aim to be able to tailor solutions to meet the needs of the individual user, which is why the Handicare solutions come in a range of styles, designs and with optional extras and accessories to suit every needs.

Access BDD 

Have been supplying bespoke stairlifts from their location in Teesside since 1976, when the company was founded as “Project and Design” We manufacture the Stair-El stairlift for private customers and local authorities & we supply a large number of their stairlifts, platform lifts and home lifts. Access BDD is proud to operate with our own strong identity, logo and branding, as the successful international network of reseller partners within TK Elevator Group, and we look forward to sharing with you the developments of our company as we progress into 2021 and beyond. 


Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks stairlifts are a reliable, safe and comfortable alternative for people who may have difficulties getting up and down their stairs. Brooks stairlifts are simple to operate and do not damage your home as the threads are attached to your stairs and not your wall. As well as these advantages, Brooks stairlifts are not obtrusive to others as they have a slim-line design which enables others to use the stairs as normal.

Bruno Lifts 

The availability of a quality American brand adds the dimensional and capacity qualities demanded for the plus sized customer. This broadens our range for clients up to 30 stones even on curved stairs.

Bespoke Stairlifts

When Bespoke Stairlifts formed in 2004, the Mission and idea was to create a cost-effective, low budget solution for customers with curved or complicated staircases, Since then, we have gained plenty of years knowledge and experience in providing an outstanding stairlift service that is ever-evolving.

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Plough Lane, Hereford,

Using our team of  trainers we can now offer you a full Train the Trainer Qualification which gives you internal staff who can then cascade this training  to new staff, existing staff requiring an annual update or volunteers.

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Amanda Harold

Amanda Harrold

Company Secretary and Director of TPG DisableAids

Less formally known as Mandy and sister to Alastair, joined the family business in 1992. 

Having worked as a Veterinary Laboratory technician and PA to a top specialising Vet then started work part-time for the family business initially whilst looking after the first of her two daughters. 

From humble beginnings at that time with no computer systems in place, Mandy now oversee the company accounts and leads the office admin and installation teams.

“Let our Family Help Your Family”.

We aim to keep you informed throughout your journey with TPG DisableAids,   and to make your experience as stress-free as possible.


Alex Browne

Alex Browne is the Service Operations Manager

Alex says “I have the privilege of working with the talented 30+ engineer & support team. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the TPG team. We always aim to put the customer 1st despite every day presenting very different challenges that we have to plan and respond to. We regularly enable our customers to improve their lives, which is incredibly rewarding.”

As TPG is a large successful family business we have the opportunity to learn, develop & grow as individuals. Alex has applied and learnt many operational & strategic principles since joining in 2013. He is currently learning the management, review and auditing principles behind ISO9001. He has helped the business achieve recertification in 2020.

Alex also has 20+ years of leadership experience in large box DIY & electrical retailers with teams of up to 150 staff including many Store Manager, Deputy Manager, Operational & Sales management roles.

Alex recent personal development includes IOSH, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, 2x Level 5 ILM Leadership and Management qualifications, CITB Senior Managers Role for Health etc

Alastair Gibbs

Alastair Gibbs is Managing Director of TPG DisableAids Ltd.

Having joined the company from British Telecom full time in 1990 when the business was just Mum, Dad and Alastair.

Initially being jack of all trades and involved in selling, installing, maintaining and repairing all of the products offered by the business and later after taking on further education Alastair has developed the business along with Mandy, his sister, to be a significant business in the Assistive Technology field.

Alastair also plays a role in the industry trade association (BHTA) to uphold standards and professionalism in the industry.  

01432 351666

Plough Lane, Hereford,

We specialise in the sale, supply, repair, and maintenance of all types of mobility and disability aids from stairlifts to daily living aids. Our satisfied customers include those facing the challenges of limited mobility, including the elderly and the disabled, as well as their carers.

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Jayme Bacon

Head of Sales


Jayme has worked in many Sectors during his career;  Leisure, Security, Finance and Telecoms before finding a real passion for helping people in the independent living industry. He now leads our team of Sales Assessors and has a drive to support or clients by developing and seeing that we meet our Promises to Our Clients-

Free No obligation advice

Pressure Free Environment from start to finish

Local in house experts

Piece of mind  

Commitment to getting things right 1st time every time.  


“We see many Clients coming to us who are taking a big step in their lives and are looking for support and advice. Sometimes this is a hard step for them to take, they can almost feel like they are admitting defeat by asking for help, but it is our commitment to them to show them that they are taking back their independence and to work with them to find the products that can help them become mobile or independent again and as a team we all work towards this goal”


TPG Disable Aids

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