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With such a huge selection of mobility, disability and daily living aids available these days, finding what’s right for you can be confusing.

This is why it’s never been more important to get the kind of advice that you can trust to help you carry on living as independently as possible.

Here at TPG DisableAids, we are an established supplier of market-leading brands that can cater to every possible need in your day-to-day life.

Whether it’s because you are finding some tasks more difficult as you get older, if you have a disability yourself, or if you know or care for someone who is struggling to cope, our friendly, professionally trained staff are always happy to assist. Talk to us online, on the phone or if you are looking to buy or would simply like a demonstration of any of our scooters, stairlifts, wheelchairs or other aids to daily living, call into our main Hereford showroom.

Baths & Lifters

Because of the way they operate in conjunction with the shape of the bath, and the client’s abilities, we have majored in a small number that we have found to cover 99% of the solutions, and which offer the greatest choice.

Beds & Supports

There are many different options to take into consideration when buying a new bed including, height, profiling options, style, size, colour, function and controls. 

For mattress options please refer to our pressure care section.

Chairs & Seats

Choosing the correct chair to suit your needs requires consideration of many factors. There are many different designs, styles and sizes available and TPG DisableAids can assist you in making the right choice.


It is always advisable to have some form of healthcare professional input when looking at the purchase of a hoist. Hoists fall into two main categories, ceiling mounted and mobile, both of which have very different operations and limitations.


Choosing a scooter is an important decision as different scooters have very different capabilities. It is important that you find the right scooter for you, and your circumstances. Whether you need it for going to the shops, summer fetes or just to pop in the boot of the car for whenever you need it.


Stairways with a brief turn at the top: You might feel able to get off the lift and walk up the last few steps, but you need to decide if you are likely to be able to go on doing this.


There are generally two main types – attendant propelled (transit chair) and self-propelled. Self-propelled chairs have larger rear wheels enabling the user to manoeuvre around without having to be totally reliant on others, as with the attendant type.

Pressure Care

We supply a range of mattresses from basic through to the highest level of support and comfort from the world’s leading suppliers.


A grant is a financial contribution to help and unlike loans they don’t have to be repaid. Many charities and trusts have grants that you may be able to apply for. Each has a specific set of attributes that they will be looking for in a person who they’d like to help.

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