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Choosing a scooter is an important decision as different scooters have very different capabilities. It is important that you find the right scooter for you, and your circumstances. Whether you need it for going to the shops, summer fetes or just to pop in the boot of the car for whenever you need it. With such a broad range available, it is vital that you find the right scooter for you.

TPG DisableAids provide a range of Scooter products to maintain your independence and help restore your quality of life. With a range of 3 wheel, 4 wheel and portable models, there is a scooter for everyone. Our scooters are from some of the best manufacturers including Sunrise Medical, Horizon, Kymco, TGA and Invacare.

Things to look out for
There are many variations of scooter, offering different features to suit you, the environment you live in, and the terrain you wish to cover. There are a great number of things that you must consider in order to get the product that is right for you:

  • Comfort
  • Accessibility
  • Controls
  • Short/long journey’s
  • Size
  • Terrain
  • Storage.

It is important that if you are going to be travelling long distances on your scooter, it will remain comfortable for you throughout the journey. The tiller on which all the controls are mounted is, on most models, adjustable, and on some scooters the seats adjust, just like a car seat.

The majority of scooters have easily operated swivel seats, making it easy to get into and out of. Also most of the scooters we offer have armrests that lift up.

Most scooters have paddle controls (called wigwags) that are easily operated with gentle pressure being applied by the thumb, and when the pressure is released the brakes automatically stop the scooter.

Short/long term
When purchasing your scooter it is important to take into consideration how your circumstances might change over time. Certain features may not seem vital initially, but should be considered for possible future requirements.

If you will be using your scooter on rough ground, you will have to consider the fact that in order to do this, larger wheels will be necessary. This will result in the need for a larger scooter.

It is important that you have somewhere at home where you can easily store and charge up your scooter safely. Naturally, the larger scooter you purchase, the bigger amount of space it will require.

The models offered come in many styles: the smaller offering easy manoeuvrability, and portability, but often with smaller wheels that will not go up kerbs or over rough ground. Small batteries restrict range, possibly as low as ten miles.

The British Healthcare Trades Association produce several independent, impartial guides:

How to purchase a scooter from TPG DisableAids

We at TPG want all our customers to leave happy and with the product they wanted and more importantly with a service they could of only dreamed of. We WILL NOT sell our scooters online as we cannot properly assess your needs over the internet but do carry a large selection in stock with free delivery (within 80 miles of Hereford) in our main showroom in Plough Lane, Hereford, so feel free to visit the showroom, open 9am-5pm Mon – Fri and 9am-1pm Sat. However, if it is not possible for you to visit our showroom, please telephone or email us for a free home visit with no pressure sales and the satisfaction that you will be shown the latest scooters available with your needs in mind.

We offer you a range of scooters from several leading manufacturers. In addition to supplying you with a scooter suitable to your needs, we offer a full service back up, 7 days a week, with out of hours cover available at all times.

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