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TPG DisableAids Ltd (the “company”) aim is to cause the minimum disruption by mitigating the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) to our customers and staff.

We recognise that at any time the Coronavirus is likely to affect our levels of staff which cannot at this stage be predicted. We have Risk Assessed our work activities and introduced measures to mitigate the risks of transmission of the Covid Virus and to ensure the health of our workers, customers and community.

These measures are compliant to current Government/PHE/HSE guidelines and will be reviewed and amended as guidelines are revised.

Current measures include but are not limited to:

  • Good, regular hand hygiene
  • Social distancing to current Government/PHE guidelines
  • Disinfecting surfaces, tools and equipment, vehicle cabs etc
  • Ensuring that managers and staff are aware of the symptoms of Coronavirus as currently outlined by Government bodies and procedures to be followed should anyone display any of these symptoms.
  • Employees working from home where possible
  • Adhere to “Test & Trace” strategy

The company continuously monitor and review available advice from different bodies including Independent External H&S consultant, Honest Employment Law Consultancy, CIPD, PHE and other relevant Government platforms. Regular Covid themed tool box talks for employees to make them aware of any updates to procedures associated with their work are instigated and staff are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have regarding Covid-19 and their work situation with their line manager.

We politely request, appreciate and rely upon the support of private customers and local authority/housing association management in keeping ourselves updated on any Covid related circumstances, self isolating, shielding etc which may affect us attending their properties.

TPG DisableAids also have a Business Continuity plan in place should ill health exceed 50% reduction in staff in the short term. This ensures that we meet contractual obligations of service delivery. Longer term solutions may include agency office staff and network loaning of technical staff from similar trades within the industry.

Supplier failure is mitigated by the independent nature of our business whereby we strive to have a range of suppliers for each type of equipment we provide and customer failure is controlled by spreading our trading over a wide range of products to a geographically wide range of customers.

Signed Covid-19 Policy 2020

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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