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Trading in the healthcare and mobility industries since 1985. Our family-based approach to everything we do means we’re one of the most respected companies and people’s first choice for mobility and living aids in the UK.

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Equipment & Sales

We go far beyond the simple sale of mobility & personal care equipment. We offer a complete one-stop shop relationship with a comprehensive range of equipment Sales, Servicing, Hire, product Advice, Guides and Support.

Servicing & Aftersales

Our reputation for after-sales is second to none. So regardless of what mobility equipment you own or where you bought it from, you can be confident when calling us for support.

Support & Advice

With such a huge selection of mobility, disability and daily living aids available these days, finding what’s right for you can be confusing.
TPG Disable Aids | Stairlifts
TPG Disable Aids | Wheelchairs

Working hard to support others

What really sets us apart is the quality of the advice we can offer on how our disability aids and mobility equipment can best improve your day-to-day lives, so you can carry on being as safe and independent in your own home for as long as possible.

The company motto captures our core belief that we can use our culture to enable people to live more fulfilling lives. The motto of “Let our family help your family” captures our family orientated culture, we always believe in the first instance we should assist rather than sell. We always offer comprehensive advice on situations where we can, something many other companies fail to match. Some of our most frequent advice is kept on our Advice page, this includes many common queries relating to stairliftshoistsbeds, chairs, wheelchairs and more. We even support more niche situations such as how to apply for grants within this page.

TPG Disable Aids
TPG DisableAids

Our Service Range

Around Home

Our household disability aids are designed to make your everyday life around the home simpler and many of them can be the key to leading an independent lifestyle for the elderly or those with disabilities or limited mobility.

Kitchen & Dining

With our expansive and innovative range of high-quality Kitchen and Dining equipment and accessories, we can lend a helping hand, so that you can carry out those everyday tasks easier and in a safer environment.

Seating & Beds

From Rise and Recline chairs and beds to a full range of specialist healthcare equipment we can work with you to build you a bespoke chairs and beds for you needs with our preferred local supplier Primacare based in South Wales for chairs and Furmanac who have developed the MiBed range of profiling beds.

Bathing & Showering

TPG DisableAids can provide a full range of practical, affordable solutions to help make your experience of washing, bathing and showering easier and relaxing.
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Each toileting aid is designed with security and comfort in mind so it’s possible to use the bathroom with confidence even in situations that might previously have been difficult and may even have caused embarrassment.

Health & Leisure

We provide an extensive range of products designed to help the elderly and those with various disabilities or mobility problems so that they can continue to enjoy indoor and outdoor hobbies.

Personal Care

At TPG DisableAids, all of our essential range of personal care aids for daily living are designed and manufactured to be strong, durable and easy to use, as well as being either easy to clean or disposable.

Mobility Scooters

We have a large range of mobility scooters to suit everyone’s needs from compact folding scooters to large off road models ensuring that we can advise you on the scooter you need to keep you independent.

Moving & Handling

TPG DisableAids can supply a full range of moving and handling equipment including mobile and ceiling track hoists, stand aids and bathing hoists from leading manufacturers.

Wheel Chairs

Wheelchairs can be a key part to staying independent so picking the correct wheelchair can be very important. With over 30 years of experience we can advise how best to suit your needs with mobility aids. For information on our products & solutions, please contact our expert team.


Having a stairlift professionally installed in your home could completely change your life. Being able to get upstairs and back down quickly, easily and, above all, safely can make such a difference.


The StairSteady is a high quality fixed handrail and a sliding supporting handle that moves freely when pushed but locks in place when weight is applied. It acts as firm support for either climbing or coming down the stairs.

Walkers & Support

With years of experience behind us, we understand your mobility requirements and provide a personal service to help you find the most suitable wheelchair, walker or other mobility aids to meet your needs.


You’ll find that our reputation for after-sales service is second to none. So whatever mobility equipment you own – whether you bought it from TPG or elsewhere – we can help you make sure your products are always working exactly the way they should.


Whether it’s because you are finding some tasks more difficult as you get older, if you have a disability yourself, or if you know or care for someone who is struggling to cope, our friendly, professionally trained staff are always happy to assist.

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What really sets us apart is the quality of the advice we can offer on how our disability aids and mobility equipment can best improve your day-to-day lives, so you can carry on being as safe and independent in your own home for as long as possible.
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With all the sad news over the last few weeks we have a little good news to balance that out. We were recently again the proud winners of the Handicare Diamond Dealer of the year award. The Diamond dealers make up the top 6% of over 200 dealers across the UK and this...