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Smart and practical, the Siena can be fitted to straight or curved rails and folds away neatly to make the best use of your space.
Stannah Stairlifts | TPG DisableAids

Stannah Stairlifts

The simple contours of the chair, along with a range of upholsteries and footrest colour options to choose from, make the Siena a smart and practical addition to any home. The Siena folds away neatly and is fitted to the stairs, not the wall – so whether your staircase is straight or has turns, we’re confident we have the solution for you. 

Effortless and simple – this sums up beautifully just how much thought and care we have designed into each and every function of our Siena stairlift. 

Everything about a Stannah stairlift is made to make managing your stairs as easy, comfortable and safe as it can be, so your life changes for the better the moment you begin to use it.

Key Dimensions

Siena For Straight Stairs                                         Siena for Curved Stairs

Min width when unfolded 659mm                             Min Width Of unfolded Stairlift 679mm

Min Width of Folded Stairlift 344mm                        Min Width Of folded Stairlift 405mm

Max Weight Range 160kg/25stone                          Max Weight Range 120kg/19-21 stone     

Stannah Stairlifts | TPG DisableAids
Stannah Stairlifts | TPG DisableAids
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