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Top Disability Aids to Assist with Daily Living – TPG Disable Aids

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We all know how wheelchairs can help with mobility, a scooter can help get you from A to B and bath lift can help make bathing more straightforward, but what about the smaller, everyday activities you embark on in life? Here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd, we pride ourselves on supplying the widest range of disability aids on the market, catering to every possible need in your day to day life.

Detailed below are a few of our disability aids that can help with those small activities that may crop up each and every day, of which many of us simply take for granted.

Wheelchair Accessories

Alongside the supply of wheelchairs, we also stock a number of accessories that can help make any time spent in a wheelchair as comfortable as possible. From cushions that are comfortable sit on through to gloves to avoid injury to hands and curved transfer boards to make getting out of the wheelchair as easy as possible, we take our service well beyond simply supplying you with the basic wheelchair.

Daily Task Accessories

Small tasks that you would otherwise find easy to complete can become increasingly more difficult if you are faced with an injury or disability, so to help with this we supply products such as the Contour Turner to make turning on small taps and knobs on radiators or ovens easier along with aids to help put on stocking and tights plus non-slip mats that can be placed around the home to avoid falling on a potentially slippery surface.

Our varied range of products can help you with all your daily tasks so if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively browse our website to see for yourself how our products could potentially help you.

Top Disability Aids to Assist with Daily Living – TPG Disable Aids

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