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The Most Popular Disability Aids – TPG Disable Aids

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According to figures released by one national charity, there are over 10 million people currently living with the UK who are registered disabled. Although the severity of the disability varies from person to person, we here at TPG DisableAids understand that living with any form of disability can cause issues around the house. For this reason, we provide a range of disability aids covering a variety of living areas, and below is a guide as to some of our most popular.

Our range of living aids can assist with all aspects of living with a disability; from bathroom aids including commodes, bath grab bars and pillows; through to kitchen aids such as caring cutlery, cordless kettle tippers and one touch tin openers.

The aids within our living aids section aren’t just guaranteed to allow those who suffer from a disability live a more comfortable life, doing everyday tasks that able bodied people don’t have to think twice about. They also offer support for muscle strains, provide help with the organisation of medical aids and include accessories for various products – such as cushions, macs and capes.

Scooters/Wheelchairs/Stair lifts

Here at TPG DisableAids, we appreciate that for some, moving long distances or even up and down the stairs can be a painful task. This is why, through our website and within our showroom, you’ll find a range of stair lifts, manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and scooters by some of the leading manufacturers.

Here at TPG DisableAids, we appreciate that everyone requires different disability aids for different reasons, which is why we strive to provide the best aids on the market. For more information regarding any of our aids, or to purchase one feel free to visit our Herefordshire site or contact us via our online enquiry form.

The Most Popular Disability Aids – TPG Disable Aids

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