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This website is owned and operated by TPG DisableAids Ltd. We are very sensitive to the privacy concerns of the visitors to this site and recognize that you are concerned about the information you provide us, and how we treat such information. As a result, this Privacy Policy has been created to address those concerns.

Visiting Our Web Site

The following types of information are collected when you accept our cookie in your browser:

Google allows us to collect information about who visits our web-site. This includes information about your web browser (Internet Explorer or Siri for example), the type of device you are using (e.g. mobile phone or desktop computer), and where you are visiting from (United Kingdom or otherwise). Cookies help to make this possible. Our cookie will automatically expire after five years if you do not delete it yourself.


Some web-sites you visit will ask you to sign up to news letters, postal campaigns and telephone marketing. We don’t. None of your information will be used to send you information other than in relation to an order, or to respond if you send us a question through the contact us form. We do not pass your details on to other companies either. Should at some point in the future, we have superb offers or information that we think you might like, we will email you to ask for your consent.

Placing an Order

When you place an order we need to know where to send your goods! You can do this in two ways. First, you can choose to register for an account. You can also place an order without creating an account. In either case you will need to provide us with your name and address, phone number, email address and details of where you want your goods to be sent. Payments are made using PayPal. PayPal is one of the most secure and trusted ways to pay for things on the internet. Like us, you don’t have to register to send your payment to us. When you make payment we will receive an email telling us that you have paid, when you paid and how much. PayPal never divulge your card details to us. We will only use this information to fulfil your order. If goods are sent straight from our supplier to you (which we do when this means you will get your goods quicker) or send your goods by courier, we pass your details to them for shipping.

Know your rights

The new General Data Protection Regulations give you more rights. These are (1) the right to know what information we have about you (explained above), what we do with it, and how long we will keep it, (2) the right to have mistakes in your information corrected, (3) the right to ask us to stop using your information for certain purposes, or completely,  or have it erased, (4) the right to get a copy of your information, and finally (5) the right not to allow us to use your information for any reasons that you have not agreed to or share it with any one else we haven’t told you about.

Talking to us about your information

If you wish to contact us to exercise your rights over your data please contact our Data Protection Officer (the person who deals with your data and how it is handled) by either calling us or emailing dpo@tpg-disableaids.co.uk. In the event that you wish to contact the official guardians of your rights or make a complaint about how we handle your data the organisation you need to contact is the Information Commissioners Office. Our organisation reference (which will help them help you quicker) is Z3175541.

Where your information is kept and for how long

The cookie information (used by us and Google to help make our website better) is kept on your device. As stated above, it expires automatically after five years.

If you place an order on-line we will keep your data for as long as is necessary for us to meet our legal obligations (for example, proving VAT disclaimers to HMRC) or to ensure that if your product is subject to a product recall that we can contact you. The items you buy from us are in general medical items and we need to be sure that we can contact you if there is a problem. If you would like us to delete your data from the on-line shop itself we can do so, but we will retain your information in our office in the United Kingdom safely and securely.

If you cancel an order or abandon it before completing it, your order information will be automatically deleted after six months. We keep cancelled orders for some time to allow us to determine if there is a problem with our online-shop or which products do and don’t sell (so we can make looking through our site easier).

Still Confused or Concerned?

If you need further information please contact our Data Protection Officer by calling us on (01432) 351 666 or emailing dpo@tpg-disableaids.co.uk


Thank you for taking the time to read this policy notice.

Plough Lane, Hereford,

Using our team of  trainers we can now offer you a full Train the Trainer Qualification which gives you internal staff who can then cascade this training  to new staff, existing staff requiring an annual update or volunteers.

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Amanda Harold

Amanda Harrold

Company Secretary and Director of TPG DisableAids

Less formally known as Mandy and sister to Alastair, joined the family business in 1992. 

Having worked as a Veterinary Laboratory technician and PA to a top specialising Vet then started work part-time for the family business initially whilst looking after the first of her two daughters. 

From humble beginnings at that time with no computer systems in place, Mandy now oversee the company accounts and leads the office admin and installation teams.

“Let our Family Help Your Family”.

We aim to keep you informed throughout your journey with TPG DisableAids,   and to make your experience as stress-free as possible.


Alex Browne

Alex Browne is the Service Operations Manager

Alex says “I have the privilege of working with the talented 30+ engineer & support team. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the TPG team. We always aim to put the customer 1st despite every day presenting very different challenges that we have to plan and respond to. We regularly enable our customers to improve their lives, which is incredibly rewarding.”

As TPG is a large successful family business we have the opportunity to learn, develop & grow as individuals. Alex has applied and learnt many operational & strategic principles since joining in 2013. He is currently learning the management, review and auditing principles behind ISO9001. He has helped the business achieve recertification in 2020.

Alex also has 20+ years of leadership experience in large box DIY & electrical retailers with teams of up to 150 staff including many Store Manager, Deputy Manager, Operational & Sales management roles.

Alex recent personal development includes IOSH, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, 2x Level 5 ILM Leadership and Management qualifications, CITB Senior Managers Role for Health etc

Alastair Gibbs

Alastair Gibbs is Managing Director of TPG DisableAids Ltd.

Having joined the company from British Telecom full time in 1990 when the business was just Mum, Dad and Alastair.

Initially being jack of all trades and involved in selling, installing, maintaining and repairing all of the products offered by the business and later after taking on further education Alastair has developed the business along with Mandy, his sister, to be a significant business in the Assistive Technology field.

Alastair also plays a role in the industry trade association (BHTA) to uphold standards and professionalism in the industry.  

01432 351666

Plough Lane, Hereford,

We specialise in the sale, supply, repair, and maintenance of all types of mobility and disability aids from stairlifts to daily living aids. Our satisfied customers include those facing the challenges of limited mobility, including the elderly and the disabled, as well as their carers.

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Jayme Bacon

Head of Sales


Jayme has worked in many Sectors during his career;  Leisure, Security, Finance and Telecoms before finding a real passion for helping people in the independent living industry. He now leads our team of Sales Assessors and has a drive to support or clients by developing and seeing that we meet our Promises to Our Clients-

Free No obligation advice

Pressure Free Environment from start to finish

Local in house experts

Piece of mind  

Commitment to getting things right 1st time every time.  


“We see many Clients coming to us who are taking a big step in their lives and are looking for support and advice. Sometimes this is a hard step for them to take, they can almost feel like they are admitting defeat by asking for help, but it is our commitment to them to show them that they are taking back their independence and to work with them to find the products that can help them become mobile or independent again and as a team we all work towards this goal”


TPG Disable Aids

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