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Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) – TPG Disable Aids

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Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) – TPG Disable Aids


Personal Wheelchair Budgets 


Before the scheme was introduced, you were restricted to a small range of ‘standard’ wheelchairs available through the NHS. This range was narrow and restrictive mostly due to the lean NHS budgets which meant in certain scenarios you could not access the ideal wheelchair for your needs or there wasn’t any funding flexibility to choose upgraded equipment from outside statutory services. 

Now the PWB Scheme has changed that and you have more control and choice than ever before. You can of course still accept a ‘standard’ product that is completely funded by the NHS, ie. to the value of your voucher or contribute additional funds to afford a more advanced wheelchair – this could be more lightweight or configurable for example. 

PWB ultimately means more flexibility; you don’t have to simply accept a wheelchair from the NHS which meets minimum requirements. You can choose other brands and models from external suppliers such as TPG.

Getting a PWB is your right within your care plan. It allows you to choose how to spend your NHS funding. Before PWB you had to prove that no ‘standard’ NHS wheelchair met your needs. Users say PWB is ‘more straightforward’ and ‘client-centred’ as you have choice in terms of who you decide to supply your wheelchair.


Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) – TPG Disable Aids

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