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Hydrant Drinking Aid aims to solve dehydration for the elderly – TPG Disable Aids

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Figures presented at a Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) conference showed those with dementia were six times more likely to be dehydrated. Shockingly a quarter of those living in their homes without a carer did not get enough to drink. This is the exact problem that the Hydrant Drinking Aid, aims to solve.

Where people are bed bound or have limited mobility, the risk of dehydration is increased, as they are dependent on someone else to help them access fluids. The Hydrant eliminates this problem, with its ability to hook, clip or hang onto beds, wheelchairs, chairs, belts, and with its long drinking tube to assist the user. With its integrated cap and hanging bracket, the Hydrant has a drinking tube with a bite valve and a small clip to attach the tube to clothing if required. When the bottle is hung from a bed, chair, or wheelchair, the user simply takes hold of the tube, inserts the bite valve between their lips, then bites and sucks it to access the fluid. This ensures there are no leaks, spills or drips. If hung above head height, the tube works as a siphon, helping those with limited sucking ability, as fluid gently flows when the valve is activated. It has an ergonomic handle and indentations for easy holding, even for users with a poor grip, Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, etc. It also has gradations on the side to monitor fluid intake.

The Hydrant has become standard issue equipment in some hospitals and rehabilitation units. It’s also dishwasher safe. Being dehydrated could cause confusion as well as an increased risk of heart disease, infection and falls and research had shown that the level of anxiety among residents in a care home could fall enormously if they are getting enough fluid.

Hydrant Drinking Aid aims to solve dehydration for the elderly – TPG Disable Aids

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