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How to care for your Mobility Scooter Batteries – TPG Disable Aids

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Like any other vehicle, mobility scooters need care and maintenance. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your mobility scooter is running effectively is to care for your batteries! The life of your batteries can vary enormously. A battery will have a pre-ordained cycle life but this will be affected by a number of environmental factors such as use frequency, depth of discharge, length and frequency of charge time and temperature of the environment. Experience tells us that the average life span is around two years but can be much longer or much shorter. You can extend the life of your batteries using some simple tips and making small changes to how you use them:

  • Charge your new batteries fully before using them, A full overnight charge is required to ensure they don’t degrade
  • Charge your batteries even when they’re not in use
  • Keep them out of extreme cold and ideally inside
  • If it has a removable battery pack; always keep it indoors
  • Always disconnect the charger from the scooter once fully charged
  • Don’t ever use the battery to complete capacity (e.g. 0% charge left) as you may damage the cell

Battery failure or decline usually contributes towards poor performance, if your scooter feels sluggish or has poor range then it may be down to the battery.

At TPG we have a comprehensive engineering team and specifically for mobility scooters we have engineers in our workshop who can test your batteries, advise what’s best for your scooter and of course repair or replace if necessary. Always remember to consult your manual or get in touch with our sales or servicing department for further advice. Our workshop engineers offer a fully computerized check to analyse how your batteries perform and how to get the best from your scooter. We can advise you on the life of your battery and how it is performing, with no obligation and always aim to prolong the life of your battery.

How to care for your Mobility Scooter Batteries – TPG Disable Aids

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