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Health and Quality of Life: How Recliner Chairs Can Help – TPG Disable Aids

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Recliner chairs are often perceived by many as luxurious bastions of comfort, perfect for relaxing in on an evening. Reclining though has many health-related benefits and as such, rise and recliners are commonly equipped to not only provide comfort to all those who sit in them, but also to make life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, especially for the elderly or those suffering from medical conditions. The question is of course, how do these chairs offer such bountiful well-being advantages? As expert suppliers of these chairs, we thought it our place to explain!

The reclining function actually has benefits that will be appreciated by all. As the chair slides back into a more comfortable position, it relieves the weight and stress from the muscles in your legs that have to support you all the while you’re on your feet. Similarly, your back is also supported by the lumbar of the chair meaning you don’t slouch, and maintain good posture all whilst allowing your muscles to rejuvenate.

Often, those with medical conditions are bound to stay sitting for many hours. Recliner chairs provide relief from this by their swathing comfort and the ability to easily change positions whilst seated.

For many, getting up from a seated position is an extremely difficult thing to do, and when we look at the physical process of doing so anatomically, there really is no wonder. Getting up requires the back to pull and strain forcing the body upwards whilst the leg muscles then take over, bearing the weight.  These chairs are built to deal with this by lifting from the back, bringing the seated individual to an almost vertical position and thus significantly reducing the stress that would normally be exerted on the joints and the back.

Here at TPG DisableAids Ltd, we’re proud to be able to bring you some of the highest quality recliner chairs on the market. With big names Rise and Recline and AJ Way in stock, you can be sure you’ll find the right chair in amongst our selection whether it’s longevity, extra features or that perfect look to match your home décor you’re looking for! Give us a call today for more on recliner chairs or our extensive range of disability aids!

Health and Quality of Life: How Recliner Chairs Can Help – TPG Disable Aids

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