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Disability Aids: A Guide to Home Stairlifts – TPG Disable Aids

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If you’re looking at making your home more easily accessible, have you considered the addition of a stairlift? Equipped to bring a wealth of independence, something that once took a strenuous amount of energy, not to mention time and effort, can suddenly become a breeze. There are a host of options available to you when you’re looking for disability aids and stairlifts, and here at TPG, we have a comprehensive range to meet all your requirements!

The varieties of stair lift available to you usually depend on your situation, whether you require a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift for any sized staircase, we have it for you.


The angle the mechanism must take to ascend your stairs depends entirely on how they’re situated. By far and away the most straightforward type of stairlift, the straight, these versions have a quick and painless installation time, and are often the cheapest solutions. With most brands having a straight option in one form or another, you have a vast array of style choices when it comes to deciding which to go for.


If you have a curved staircase at home, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a straight lift to fit and as such, a curved solution is ideal for you. Custom built to your exact specifications, the lift follows the curvature of your stairs taking you round any hazards and making climbing the stairs a breeze.

Straight or Curved for Tight Spaces

Ideal for narrow staircases that don’t leave much room for those using them manually, we stock a wide range of these versatile alternatives, allowing you to stand in one position and hold on as the lift ascends the stairs.

Stairlifts can avoid the stressful necessity of moving to a bungalow and can make lives much easier for all those involved. With some bespoke and beautifully designed stairlifts on offer here, whatever your home requires, at TPG, we can provide. Our friendly professionals are always on hand to help should you have any queries, so pick up the phone today and make ascending a cinch!

Disability Aids: A Guide to Home Stairlifts – TPG Disable Aids

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