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Checklist for Choosing a Bed to Help with Disability – TPG Disable Aids

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Studies have suggested that to be fully rested and able to function properly during the day you have to get on average 8 hours sleep a night, however this is a rarity for many, especially people that suffer with a disability as they struggle to get comfortable overnight. In order to overcome this and get that much needed sleep we here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd have a variety of disability aids including specialist beds that will put an end to those restless night’s sleep and improve the overall quality of your life. We understand that it might be daunting to choose the right bed for your individual requirements, but you needn’t worry as our team do all they can to help, including writing this helpful post!

Options to Consider

Just like buying anything for your home you need to consider various options to ensure that you get the right bed to match your individual requirements:

  • Profiling Options: This literally relates to the ability for the bed to be multi-positioning, which will benefit the user as you can sit up and still be supported, our range of beds feature many different degrees of incline.
  • Height: It’s vital that you get the right height bed for you, and your carer’s needs. If you have the ability to adjust the height it will ease getting in and out of, whilst also reducing the risk of back injury for the carer.
    Style/Colour/Size: It may not be the first thing you think about when looking for a bed to aid with disability, but it’s important that you match the décor in your home, and you don’t want a bed that looks more fit for a hospital!
  • With the expertise and experience that we here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd have we are ideally placed to assist you in picking the right bed to match your requirements perfectly, if you require any further assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today by clicking here.

Checklist for Choosing a Bed to Help with Disability – TPG Disable Aids

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