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Where To Find The Best Mobility Aids Across Worcestershire

When you need to invest in mobility aids Worcestershire, it can be hard to decide exactly what equipment is right for you and how best to use it.  This is where the specialists come in.

Reputable suppliers of disable aids across the south west, encompassing Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and more, will be able to analyse your specific needs and give you thorough help and support throughout the process.

One of the first pieces of mobility equipment that people often need to consider are wheelchairs.  But as you start to look around and see what is available on the market, you will soon see that such an extensive choice can lead to confusion.  Online specialist stockists of mobility aids Worcestershire supply a whole range of different wheelchairs, from manual, self propelled and attendant propelled chairs, right through to Power chairs, Sports Wheelchairs and Beach Wheelchairs.

The one that you eventually select will depend highly on your needs, but specialists can advise on which one that may be, and why.  By selecting the right wheelchair you will be saved financially from having to make further investments in the future, and if losing your independence is a concern, electric and self propelled chairs allow you to maintain control over the mobility levels that remain.  By choosing the right wheelchair, you can help to guarantee your comfort and safety, for example, being situated in a comfortable chair that you feel confident with using makes tasks like crossing roads and visiting shops easier to manage again.

If you miss playing sports, or find the current chair you use unsuitable for engaging in sporting activities, one great idea may be a Sports Wheelchair.  These come specifically designed to allow you an increased mobility through sport, helping to boost social activity, which may have become limited since experiencing mobility difficulties.  Most local authorities provide facilities for those with disabilities to come together and continue to enjoy sport, and specialised wheelchairs are a cost-effective way to help you to achieve your goals.

So whatever your mobility needs, reputable suppliers of disabled aids will be able to help you.  They make it their mission to help those with limited mobility by allowing them to regain the ability to perform daily tasks independently again, and can ensure you are provided with the best quality equipment on the market.


TPG DisableAids Ltd

A Guide to PIP and How it Will Affect You

The reform of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will see it being replaced by a Personal Independence Plan (PIP) which will come into effect on the 8th April this year. This will affect anyone who is of working age from April 2013. There are no current plans to extend PIP to cover children under 16 or adults over the age of 65 however that’s not to say it won’t happen at a later date.

Although DLA is being replaced with PIP there are several things that will still stay the same:

• PIP, much like DLA will still include two separate components – mobility and daily living.
• Each of the two components will include different payment rates – standard and enhanced.
• PIP will be available regardless of whether the claimant is employed or not.
• It will not be taxable or means tested.
• DLA will still remain in place for children under the age of 16 and for those aged 65 and over.
• Those who receive War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement won’t be affected by the changes to DLA.

Do You Need to Do Anything?

You don’t have to do anything yet… at some point between August this year and Spring 2016 the Department of Work and Pensions will get in touch with you and inform you that your DLA payments are coming to an end. At this point you can apply for PIP and the department will advise you on how to do this. Your DLA payments will not cease until your PIP application has been made.

Here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd we are dedicated to helping those with disabilities and strive to improve their quality of life through our disability aids and mobility equipment here in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Wales.

We’re always on hand to offer advice so be sure to browse out site and if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01432 351 666.

TPG DisableAids Ltd

First Choice Housing Service and Repair Contract Renewed for 11th Year

TPG DisableAids are proud to have renewed the service and repair contract for the 11th year with First Choice Housing. We have successfully delivered services and repairs for 130+ First Choice  properties, on a variety of fixed products including Overhead hoists, Baths, Stair lifts, Patient lifters  and Vertical lifts.

First Choice Housing Association Established in 1988 and provides quality accommodation solutions for people with disabilities, veterans and additional complex needs across Wales and Shropshire.

Their aim is to be the provider of choice for local authorities to deliver well-designed homes in which people with a range of specialist needs, disabilities and veterans can lead fulfilling lives.

TPG DisableAids currently service, repair and install for many authorities & housing associations as well as our expansive base of private customers within an 80 mile radius of Hereford city.


TPG Warehouse Manager Becomes Grandad

Tom Jolly our Warehouse and Purchasing manager has become a Grandad for the first time thanks to a new arrival Max Thomas.

Tom’s daughter Ann-Marie who works in Sales at TPG gave birth to Max recently and is currently on Maternity leave.

Ann-Maries’s partner Dave also works at TPG so maybe a future employee for the family business.

Thirty successful years of trading

1988_01_21-Tony_and_PamTPG DisableAids Ltd are please to announce the achievement of thirty successful years of trading.

Tony and Pam Gibbs, back in 1985, found themselves at a crossroads in their working lives which led to the formation of TPG. Originally as a partnership of just husband and wife and later a larger partnership with Alastair, their son. Now a limited company with Mandy, their daughter, joining in the family business and employing around fifty staff, the organisation is small enough to care but large enough to provide a thoroughly professional and caring service.

The portfolio of products are all tailored to enable a better quality of living for those with health and mobility problems. TPG have risen to become one of the regions largest and most respected suppliers of equipment for the less able on the premise that anything supplied can also be maintained and repaired in house. From Stairlifts to Hoists and from Mobility scooters to Baths and Beds, TPG carry sufficient spares and knowledge to keep people mobile and safe.

In this thirtieth year there will be a number of events and celebrations that will be open to customers new and old so be sure to check back with our new web site regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.