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Health and Quality of Life: How Recliner Chairs Can Help

Recliner chairs are often perceived by many as luxurious bastions of comfort, perfect for relaxing in on an evening. Reclining though has many health-related benefits and as such, rise and recliners are commonly equipped to not only provide comfort to all those who sit in them, but also to make life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, especially for the elderly or those suffering from medical conditions. The question is of course, how do these chairs offer such bountiful well-being advantages? As expert suppliers of these chairs, we thought it our place to explain!

The reclining function actually has benefits that will be appreciated by all. As the chair slides back into a more comfortable position, it relieves the weight and stress from the muscles in your legs that have to support you all the while you’re on your feet. Similarly, your back is also supported by the lumbar of the chair meaning you don’t slouch, and maintain good posture all whilst allowing your muscles to rejuvenate.

Often, those with medical conditions are bound to stay sitting for many hours. Recliner chairs provide relief from this by their swathing comfort and the ability to easily change positions whilst seated.

For many, getting up from a seated position is an extremely difficult thing to do, and when we look at the physical process of doing so anatomically, there really is no wonder. Getting up requires the back to pull and strain forcing the body upwards whilst the leg muscles then take over, bearing the weight.  These chairs are built to deal with this by lifting from the back, bringing the seated individual to an almost vertical position and thus significantly reducing the stress that would normally be exerted on the joints and the back.

Here at TPG DisableAids Ltd, we’re proud to be able to bring you some of the highest quality recliner chairs on the market. With big names Rise and Recline and AJ Way in stock, you can be sure you’ll find the right chair in amongst our selection whether it’s longevity, extra features or that perfect look to match your home décor you’re looking for! Give us a call today for more on recliner chairs or our extensive range of disability aids!

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How Will You Be Affected by the Changes from DLA to PIP?

In April 2013, a new disability benefit called the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was introduced across the UK. It is being gradually rolled out across the country, with new claimants being the first to trial the scheme. Most people who receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will not be affected until at least 2015.

The PIP consists of two components, the Daily Living Element and the Mobility Element. Both of these have a basic element and an enhanced element. It is paid every four weeks into a bank account and is assessed according to the individual’s needs rather than by condition. If you only have 6 months to live, you will receive the enhanced daily living component.

This new benefit affects working people aged between 16 and 64 and will eventually replace the current DLA. The government has admitted that it will save around 20 per cent each year in the total cost of disability benefits, so it is unlikely that everyone who receives DLA at the moment will continue to receive exactly the same amount of money. Charities and disability support groups fear that the PIP will be assessed more stringently than the DLA and that it will adversely affect the disabled. Even the government admits that over 600,000 people will lose entitlement after the switch-over and still more will receive a lower amount.

The PIP is a benefit that you will have to make a new claim for, even if you now receive an indefinite or lifetime award. Claimants will have to undergo a medical assessment and the claim will also be assessed from the results of a questionnaire. Find out as much as you can before you submit your claim.

What to do if you are worried about PIP:

  • Keep a diary detailing your day to day medical condition. Keep any medical evidence you can; hospital appointments, medical notes and any other documentation that is relevant to your claim.
  • Visit the government’s website where there is an online calculator ( If you input your details, you will find out what you may be entitled to.
  • Contact a charity such as Sense that will have advisers who are prepared to guide you through the transition process.

We here at TPG DisableAids Ltd hope this has made things a little clearer for you, and remember, for the best selection of aids designed to make your life that little bit easier, make us your first choice every time.

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What Help is There Available for Carers?

Did you know that three in five of us will be carers at some point in our lives? – Whether it’s caring for an ill partner or friend, an elderly parent or a disabled child. Despite the large numbers of us that will at some point care for someone else many of us aren’t actually aware of the help that is available to us.

Just like anyone, carers have certain rights and it’s important that you know what they are – it can be easy to overlook your own needs as a carer but you mustn’t forget that there is always help available.

Carer’s Assessment

If you regularly provide care for someone then you should contact your social services and request a Carer’s Assessment. After the assessment you will be informed of any needs that have been identified and any help or support you are entitled to.

You may be eligible to receive a Carer’s Allowance or respite care to allow you to have a break from your caring responsibilities. You could also receive assistance from social services whether that is in the form of practical help or help with managing stress.

Carer’s Allowance

If you spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a disabled person then you may be entitled to a Carer’s Allowance. It’s worth bearing in mind it’s not something you can receive if you are in full time education or are earning more than £100 a week. You may not be eligible if you’re receiving a state pension – however you should always apply anyway as you may be able to get extra pension credit, council tax or housing benefit.

Here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd we sell a wide range of disability aids and mobility equipment and have a wealth of experience when it comes to working alongside carers. We are always on hand to offer advice and information, so if there is anything you think you or the person you are caring for could benefit from get in touch and we will always endeavour to help you out.

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Checklist for Choosing a Bed to Help with Disability

Studies have suggested that to be fully rested and able to function properly during the day you have to get on average 8 hours sleep a night, however this is a rarity for many, especially people that suffer with a disability as they struggle to get comfortable overnight. In order to overcome this and get that much needed sleep we here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd have a variety of disability aids including specialist beds that will put an end to those restless night’s sleep and improve the overall quality of your life. We understand that it might be daunting to choose the right bed for your individual requirements, but you needn’t worry as our team do all they can to help, including writing this helpful post!

Options to Consider

Just like buying anything for your home you need to consider various options to ensure that you get the right bed to match your individual requirements:

  • Profiling Options: This literally relates to the ability for the bed to be multi-positioning, which will benefit the user as you can sit up and still be supported, our range of beds feature many different degrees of incline.
  • Height: It’s vital that you get the right height bed for you, and your carer’s needs. If you have the ability to adjust the height it will ease getting in and out of, whilst also reducing the risk of back injury for the carer.
    Style/Colour/Size: It may not be the first thing you think about when looking for a bed to aid with disability, but it’s important that you match the décor in your home, and you don’t want a bed that looks more fit for a hospital!
  • With the expertise and experience that we here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd have we are ideally placed to assist you in picking the right bed to match your requirements perfectly, if you require any further assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today by clicking here.
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Disability Kitchen Aids

For obvious reasons the kitchen could be considered the heart of every home. It’s the place where we indulge our love of cooking and on a practical level the kitchen provides us with our daily meals. That’s why it can be extremely unpleasant when you find yourself unable to cook and clean your kitchen due to old age or a disability. If this sounds familiar, there could be simple and cost effective solutions that can give you back your independence.  The kitchen disability aids range from TPG Disable Aids Ltd is filled with innovative and ingenious devices available online.

There’s literally a solution to every problem involved with cooking and eating. For those with the use of only one arm, we stock jar and bottle clamps which allow lids to be unscrewed with one hand. Such a simple device could mean that cooks and chefs can continue to enjoy good food despite their disability.

We also stock kettle tippers designed to keep users safe whilst pouring hot water and specialist chopping boards so that vegetables can be prepared quickly and easily despite limited dexterity.

If you have a disability which hinders your work in the kitchen or are responsible for somebody who struggles in this area, why not visit our website? The site features a huge amount of detail regarding each product, including large photographs to help you decide whether the appliance in question will be beneficial. Here at TPG Disable Aids, we understand that disabilities differ greatly from person to person.

This means that only the user, their loved ones or their carers really know whether an item will be of use. That’s why the TPG team are on hand either online or over the phone to answer questions regarding the capabilities of any of the disability aids that we supply. To purchase, either go online or visit our fully stocked showroom.

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Top Disability Aids to Assist with Daily Living

We all know how wheelchairs can help with mobility, a scooter can help get you from A to B and bath lift can help make bathing more straightforward, but what about the smaller, everyday activities you embark on in life? Here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd, we pride ourselves on supplying the widest range of disability aids on the market, catering to every possible need in your day to day life.

Detailed below are a few of our disability aids that can help with those small activities that may crop up each and every day, of which many of us simply take for granted.

Wheelchair Accessories

Alongside the supply of wheelchairs, we also stock a number of accessories that can help make any time spent in a wheelchair as comfortable as possible. From cushions that are comfortable sit on through to gloves to avoid injury to hands and curved transfer boards to make getting out of the wheelchair as easy as possible, we take our service well beyond simply supplying you with the basic wheelchair.

Daily Task Accessories

Small tasks that you would otherwise find easy to complete can become increasingly more difficult if you are faced with an injury or disability, so to help with this we supply products such as the Contour Turner to make turning on small taps and knobs on radiators or ovens easier along with aids to help put on stocking and tights plus non-slip mats that can be placed around the home to avoid falling on a potentially slippery surface.

Our varied range of products can help you with all your daily tasks so if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively browse our website to see for yourself how our products could potentially help you.

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A Guide to Buying the Best Scooter for You

Choosing a scooter that is perfect for you is an important decision to make, there are a wide range of scooters available on the market with various different capabilities so choosing the one that compliments you the best isn’t always easy. Here are a few things for you to consider when looking for a scooter:

What Will You Use it for?

The scooter you will need will depend on what you plan to use it for. If you plan to use it on a daily basis covering long distances across different terrains you need a sturdy, hard wearing scooter which will cope with the use. If your scooter will be used for you to occasionally pop to the shops or maybe you would like one you can fit in your car and use when you need it you may want to look for a more light weight scooter that you can easily pack away and manoeuvre.


The size of your scooter will also relate to what you will be using your scooter for and how often. The smaller the scooter the more portable it will be offering easy manoeuvrability. However the smaller models will often come with small wheels that won’t have the ability to go up and down kerbs or over rough ground. If this could be a problem for you then a larger model may be more appropriate.


You need to be confident in your choice of scooter and be reassured that you will be able to easily operate it as well as getting in and out of it with ease – which if you suffer from mobility problems, could be a worry for you. Be sure the model you choose has a swivel seat making it easier for you to use, armrests will also come in handy as well as providing that extra layer of comfort.

Here at TPG Disable Aids Ltd we sell a wide range of scooters which you can view on our website. However we don’t sell our scooters online as we cannot assess you properly to ensure you are purchasing the best scooter for you. Feel free to visit us at our showroom on Plough Lane, Hereford or if that isn’t possible please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can arrange a home visit.

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How To Find Companies Specialising in the Best in Walking Aids Hereford

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what sort of mobility aids would be best for you, and secondly, which companies will be able to offer the most support and advice throughout the purchase process.

One of the most common requirements is a wheelchair, or other related walking aids. With all equipment of this sort, careful research should be carried out in order to be aware of the right products for your mobility needs. Expert stockists of walking aids Hereford provide an extensive range of mobility aids that are tailor made to help you. They supply products from leading manufacturers, including Sunrise Medical and Invacare.

By choosing a reputable supplier who does stock these leading brands, you will be far more likely to come home with mobility aids that have lasting value. They will be able to guide you through your purchase from start to finish – ensuring that you can test a variety of walking aids.

The implications of having specialist guidance when buying mobility aids are enormous. Not only will it be extremely helpful in boosting your confidence around your new equipment and ensuring that you know exactly how to use each item, but by having this knowledge you are more likely to be safe throughout operation.

From standard manual wheelchairs, right through to transport wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, by choosing the experts in walking aids Hereford, you will be able to make a quality investment that will last for years to come. Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance, and in order to ensure the best possible levels of these, it is important to have the best information on the relevant products.

There are many companies across the UK who specialise in providing mobility aids. However, before investing in essential and expensive equipment, there are certain considerations that must be made.

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Information About Stair-lifts and Mobility Gloucester Area

Coming to terms with loss of mobility can be a tough task, and one of the best ways to make it that little bit easier is by trying to improve your home accordingly.  There are specialist companies in mobility Gloucester area like TPG that can help by giving a wealth of advice and information that is specifically tailored to your needs.

A great idea for many people who are struggling with mobility is a stairlift.  Mobility Gloucester specialists provide wide selections of both straight and curved stairlifts, depending on the structural features of your home and personal preference.   They can be both purchased or hired, and installation can take place in many buildings with no risk of damage.

Many manufacturers also produce both modern and traditional styles to suit your aesthetic tastes.  These also aim to provide the maximum in comfort and usability, with many ranges complete with easy-to-operate remote control units.  Whilst choosing your stairlift may be a tricky task, specialist companies will help to ease you through the necessary changes as smoothly as possible.  Stairlifts also have significant economic advantages, as they are often far cheaper than investing in residential care for long periods of time.

Often as mobility becomes more limited, people contemplate relocation to a flat or bungalow property, where there is less movement needed on a daily basis.  However, it is sometimes recommended to stay in your original property, as moving provides great stress, and even though stairs may prove awkward, general movement around the home has many health benefits.  Staying in the same home with a stairlift has many other plus points, including reducing the load on loved ones who are carers, and allowing the sense of belonging to a local community to be retained.

By consulting experts the chance of you being able to retain some mobility around the home, in addition to allowing a way to maintain independence, is increased.  Stairlifts are an excellent way of making your life easier, while allowing for plenty of freedom, in addition to the ability to stay in your own home.

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