Stairlift Visualisation

Latest technology feeds through to mobility

Technology is continually advancing, sometimes this can be hard to appreciate in mobility. However a new innovative process has been created to help home-owners visualise a new stair lift in their home. The process uses “Augmented Reality” to visualise a stairlift in the home. It can be easy to forget that for some having a stairlift installed can be a big change as many have misconceptions about the impacts and never see the benefits from the increased mobility a stairlift brings.

With these common misconceptions in mind some of the largest stair lift manufacturers have produced tablet apps to help those considering a stairlift visualise the changes in their own home, the app projects an image of the stairlift onto the stairs based on the position of a paper marker. The paper marker is placed and the tablet’s camera scans the surroundings to overlay the image. This provides an accurate 3D representation to help customers see a stairlift in their own home and correct any misconceptions. This is a real issue no 2D picture, brochure or website could address.

To have a stairlift visualised in your own home please get in touch, one of our sales people can visit and visualise a variety of stairlifts (including Stannah, Thyssen and Handicare) in your own home. They can also offer you impartial, no obligation advice as we treat every customer individually and advise for what’s best for the customer in every situation in line with the BHTA guidelines.

Should you decide you would like a stairlift to enhance your mobility we provide excellent after sales service to ensure your equipment is always working at it’s best. You’ll find that our reputation for after sales service is second to none. So whatever mobility equipment you own – whether you bought it from TPG or elsewhere – we can help you make sure your products are always working exactly the way they should.

Stannah Stairlift

TPG awarded prestigious Stannah Certificate of Excellence

Stannah Certificate of Excellence in Stairlifts

TPG DisableAids is one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Certificate of Excellence by Stannah. A scheme organised by Stannah to ensure that engineers follow the excellence quality standards set by themselves. Not all companies meet the requirements, however we are committed to ensuring exceptional service and that your stairlift is installed by a professional engineer. The award recognises TPG for it’s commitment towards quality engineering in installations, servicing and repairs of their product range.


As part of the process of attaining the certificate, all Stannah engineers must undergo extensive training and assessment to ensure all work meets the industry leading Stannah standards. Engineers are routinely assessed by Stannah on routine servicing, repairs and installation processes to ensure engineers are following best practices. Receiving this award acts as an endorsement for TPG engineers that they’re always professional, knowledgeable and complete the job to ‘excellence’ standards. Training includes best practices for the installation process, fault finding and servicing to ensure engineers are versed with essential skills for caring for the Stannah line of products.

Regular Assessment of Engineers:

Rather than a single assessment, to retain the integrity of the award, engineers are continually assessed to maintain the high standards that are associated with the Stannah name, assessment certifies product fluency in all Stannah models and specifically in the installation process, to ensure engineers are well versed; avoiding unwelcome surprises. At TPG we ensure we deliver excellent service when selling, distributing or servicing any of our products and we are pleased to announce that our efforts of our engineering team have been certified by the industry-leader.

Ongoing Audits:

Ensuring ongoing confidence, Stannah routinely visit us and audit our staff and procedures this ensures that the award retains it’s integrity and we’re always working at the same high standard that we were when attaining the award. We work together with Stannah to raise standards and ensure customers get the very best service we can deliver.

To enquire about Stannah stairlifts please contact the sales department via our contact form or call on 01432 351666, click to read more about our after sales service.

Stannah Excellence Award