BHTA Team Of The Year

TPG DisableAids Named BHTA Retailer of the Year

TPG DisableAids Ltd are very pleased to announce they have received the prestigious award of Retailer of the Year from the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) in a gala ceremony at the Park Plaza Hotel in London on 30th November 2017.

BHTA Award Ceremony

The award is recognition from suppliers to the industry that recognises the skills and professionalism of the company.

One supplier commented: “I have been impressed with their customer focused attitude and approach to business. The whole team are encouraged to learn in depth about the products they sell so that they are prepared to be able to advise their customers of the best solution to meet their needs. Having had personal experience of the service they provide their customers for both my parents and in laws, I can vouch for their courteous and friendly approach and professional conduct at all events, their staff are honest and trustworthy to the point that they would rather not make a sale than sell the customer a product that isn’t right for them.”

This accolade from the industry is testament to our standards and longevity in the business” said Alastair Gibbs, managing director. He added, “The whole team at TPG DisableAids have worked together to provide a service to our local community which goes beyond just selling a product cheaply. They really care about what we do and treat people as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Real value is added to our products and services by the skills and professionalism of our staff”.

TPG Employees Receive First Aid Certificates

TPG DisableAids Offers First Class First Aid to Customers and Staff

Here at TPG DIsableAids we care for our customers health and safety. We ensure that we always have members of staff with first aid training on hand in the unlikely event of an accident occurring. To further this goal we have just finished training our latest group of employees in Emergency First Aid at Work.

Congratulations go out to all who have just received this training.

Insurance Now Included With All Mobility Vehicles

TPG DisableAids has taken the decision to include insurance with every mobility vehicle that we sell, following the announcement of a rising number of mobility scooter accidents.

In an interview Alastar Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids, told THIIS Magazine: “Trying to get the best solution for our customers’ protection is the most important thing; I think we have a moral obligation to do the right thing.”

“As responsible retailers and as a BHTA member, we must make sure our customers are protected. This is why we have chosen to include the insurance free of charge for the first year. Renewals are direct to the insurance company, who is also a BHTA member, giving the customer peace of mind for the first year. It is then their choice if they choose to continue for subsequent years.”

Stannah Represenatative

Well done Dave, well supported by the whole team at TPG

This week I attended the Stannah Stairlifts international dealer conference. TPG DisableAids are really proud to have received an award for having been the best company to deal with. In particular our Dave McGrath stood out for his professional manner and knowledge of the products.

At TPG Disable Aids, we believe in supporting our engineering apprentice.

At TPG Disable Aids, we believe in supporting our engineering apprentices.

Our apprentices are taught, learning from our own mistakes is important.

New Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair bags available

Our beautiful new scooter and wheelchair bags have just arrived in.. they need a new home to go to …

Our Easter Egg winners

Congratulations to our Easter Egg Winners, Mr & Mrs Cooper from Hereford!  They were also awarded a £50 voucher, they were thrilled and will come into the shop next week to spend it.

Happy Easter to all our customers.


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Oh Dear !!

It is such a shame when an elderly family member becomes less able to manage routine household tasks and really struggles to get up the stairs to use the bathroom or get to bed.

Of course you could go to a reputable BHTA stairlift distributor to be assessed, measured and supplied with either a new or a used stairlift, but they are all so terribly expensive…… aren’t they?

Well I guess that is down to what the perceived value of that service is.

A British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) member will ensure that the stairlift, be it new or used, will be fitted in accordance with the relevant safety standards and will be suitable for the client and the household. Invariably it will fitted by a fully trained engineer and will be covered by a warranty to repair any faults discovered after the installation.

The alternative can, to start with, save a few pounds. You could look in the local paper or on e-bay on the internet to find a cheap used stairlift. It may not be quite the right fit and it may have originally been on the other side of the stairs. But that’s OK when your next door neighbour or your nephew has been to college and studied ‘engineering’. They will be able to fix it I am sure, they have their own tools and all that stuff.




OMG !!

The ‘Friend’ who installed this stairlift had spotted that it was possible to mount the footplate on the opposite side. However, they had not been trained to know that if you do that, you must change the safety edges to work in the correct direction. You also need to change the seat to stop it swivelling down the stairs and creating a falling hazard, the seat swivel switch had also been bypassed because it swivelled the wrong way.

So a few pounds saving could very easily have caused a significant injury to the user or their family. This is not an isolated incident. At TPG DisableAids Ltd we see this type of scenario more frequently than ever before.

The short term saving actually ended up costing this client a complete replacement stairlift as the original had been damaged beyond economical repair by the cowboy installer. Thankfully we had been called in to do a repair before someone was seriously injured.

Oh Dear, Oh Dear !!