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A grant is a financial contribution to help and unlike loans they don’t have to be repaid. Many charities and trusts have grants that you may be able to apply for. Each has a specific set of attributes that they will be looking for in a person who they’d like to help.

Many grants will cover things that local authorities or the government won’t pay for fully or towards at all. An example is where a local authority may not cover the cost of a specific powered wheelchair that you need but a charity may contribute towards this.

Charities have a responsibility to check that the resources are allocated effectively and to those in the most need. Trusts often have very specific criteria to help with a specific problem.

Once you’ve found a charity or trust you must check you meet their criteria, this may take into account your age, gender, location, income and more factors including specifics on your disability. When you’re happy you meet the requirements for the grant you should look for an application form from the charity, many can be downloaded or done digitally.

Some charities will require you to do a covering letter outlining your personal situation with details about why you require the disability funding. Remember to be honest and clear about your situation describing in detail why you require the funding. Some things may appear obvious to you but they may help give the trustees an understanding of your situation.

When applying you should research what you are asking for first so it’s clear you know what you require and attach any extra information you know such as quotes to support your application. It may take a while for the charities to allocate funds but your application will be processed.

You may find the government and local authority grant finder helpful!

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