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Choosing the correct chair to suit your needs requires consideration of many factors. There are many different designs, styles and sizes available and TPG DisableAids can assist you in making the right choice.

The wrong selection would not only prove expensive but may also compromise your health and comfort. Finding a chair that is comfortable and easy for you to use is important and can make everyday living much easier.

Points to consider

When beginning the process of selecting a chair, many things need to be taken into account, not just the colour and style.

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Controls
  • Looks
  • Space available in your home.

The correct seat height, width and depth is very important as an incorrectly sized chair could lead to discomfort and may even compromise the users health.

A variety of back designs are available, firm, soft, waterfall and winged. As every person is different it is very much a personal choice as to which back gives the best and most comfortable support. In some cases it may be appropriate to choose a Dual motor chair, enabling the user to operate the recline, leg raise and stand actions independently.

Handset controls vary, some have two buttons some have six or more. Remember when choosing your chair take into account how easy or difficult you find the controls.


There are a wide variety of fabrics finishes and styles for you to choose from.

Space available in your home
Most rise and recline chairs need a minimum of 18” between backrest and wall or furniture when fully reclined, but if space is limited a ‘wall hugger’ style chair may be a solution, requiring only 4”-5”.


How to purchase a rise and recline chair from TPG DisableAids

We at TPG want all our customers to be happy with their purchase and purchase the correct product to suit their needs. WE WILL NOT SELL RISE AND RECLINE CHAIRS ONLINE AND ADVISE THAT YOU CAREFULLY THINK ABOUT DOING SO ELSEWHERE because we (nor any other supplier) can properly assess your needs without meeting you. 

We have many demonstration models for you to try in our showroom, Plough Lane, Hereford, open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturday.

However if you are unable to visit our showroom please telephone or e-mail to arrange a free home visit from one of our friendly local advisors (within 80 miles of Hereford). All we need to know from you is your height, weight and where you want us to bring the chair.
The independently produced British Healthcare Trades Association guide to buying health equipment safely can be found here: Get Wise to Buying Safety

Please feel free to take a look through our manufacturers for pictures of the products we supply and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us (01432) 351 666 or email