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TPG Disable Aids

Jayme Bacon
Head of Sales

TPG Disable Aids

Alastair Gibbs
Managing Director

TPG Disable Aids

Alex Browne
Operations Manager

Amanda Harold

Amanda Harrold
Financial Director


What really sets us apart is the quality of the advice we can offer on how our disability aids and mobility equipment can best improve your day-to-day lives, so you can carry on being as safe and independent in your own home for as long as possible.

The company motto captures our core belief that we can use our culture to enable people to live more fulfilling lives. The motto of “Let our family help your family” captures our family orientated culture, we always believe in the first instance we should assist rather than sell. We always offer comprehensive advice on situations where we can, something many other companies fail to match. Some of our most frequent advice is kept on our Advice page, this includes many common queries relating to stairliftshoistsbeds, chairs, wheelchairs and more. We even support more niche situations such as how to apply for grants within this page.

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